Welcome to my (not so short) list of juggling clips!! If this is you first time here you might want to read the Introduction by clicking on the image above. It explains what this is all about, There you will also find a little wordlist to some of the expressions used on this page. If you've read it and only want to use the arcive... take yourself away with the Videos. The Links helps you to other interesting juggling related sites in the net.
My Personal stats is also availible as well as a small collection of pictures in the Gallery. There, you'll also find som shots on different techniques of launching a sequence of balls from a hand.

This page is just up for pure reference, I stopped updating it years ago.

It turned out that, I not only had a talent for juggling, I also had fragile wrists. Some irony ey?, life's a bitch (Although I still can, with a little luck, put up a decent 7 ball'er for a couple of dozens throws). I'll maybe write some more about this here later... maybe.
080811 / Ola